Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday- Medical Exam and Applying for the Passport

Today was one of our last days with paperwork- YAY!   We woke up and got ready for breakfast, but Reid slept in.  Evan and I couldn't sleep because he had turned himself sideways in the bed and was touching Evan with his head and kicking me in the face.  He is definitely not used to that much space. :)    We skyped with dad and nana.   This made me get emotional.  It's hard to be here alone.  I am hoping that the shopping and sightseeing coming up will help because it is more fun and will make the days go quicker.   We finally got to breakfast- we were seated in the main dining area this time.   I have to throw this out there- I was prepared for some pretty horrific behaviors with older children and eating, but I am pleasantly surprised with my son.  He eats well, uses a fork well, and is not messy.  What a blessing!    He doesn't like his hands to be dirty and if he gets something on them, he holds them out for me to clean them. :)

After breakfast we headed outside to check out the fish.  We introduced ourselves to another family who will be leaving here soon and they offered to take a picture of the three of us together, which was nice.   Reid loved feeding the fish Rice Krispies and both boys enjoyed being out there.   We then headed to our room to get some things to go play outside.  We walked quite a few blocks trying to find a park I have been told about, but we had no luck finding it.  On the way there, we saw some interesting things....some only in China things.  We ended up going to the small park near the kiddie pool at the hotel.  We played on  it and played a little badminton and frisbee.  Then we went back to the room to eat a little lunch- leftovers and peanut butter sandwiches.   Finally, it was time to meet our guide and group in the lobby (1:30 p.m.) to head to the medical exam.  

 This man was lying on a scooter making this mural on the sidewalk bricks. There as a beautiful tiger in the middle. 
 Many women walk around China with umbrellas to stay shaded from the hot sun.  The woman on the right side looked like a super model to me- she had the most beautifully braided hair and this cute dress on her tiny little body with long legs.
 The restaurant where we ate lunch yesterday with our group.
 Not sure if you can see him, but there is a man at that bus stop who is seriously as tall as that famous Chinese basketball player for the Rockets.  It is rare to see people that tall in China!

 Only in China would you see funeral flowers being sold next to a building with a sign for a sex shop.

 The boys playing at the playground at our hotel.

We arrived at the building where they do the medical exam and headed up the elevator.  This brought back some memories of last year- it was a hard day for Lena.  Reid handled it like a champ!   He didn't cry at all for the TB test, which is now a blood test.  He had a physical, as well as his height, weight, eyes, and ears checked.  He did great!   Many of the little ones were screaming and they didn't even have to have a TB test.  There was a wine vending machine in the entry way to that building.  I think many of the parents could have used some after that.

From the medical exam, we headed to the police station.   This was new to me because last year the police officer just came to the hotel and took care of what he needed right there and it was quick.  This time there were many families there and it was far from quick.   When we walked in, Reid's buddy, Mason was there- I love that whenever he sees us, he yells as loud as he can, "BAO SHA HAO!!!"   So precious.  The boys had a blast- they were all gathered around playing the I-pad or other electronic devices other families had...there was a group of at least 5 boys.   I wish I could have taken a picture, but we couldn't take pictures in this building.   We sat down for another picture- this time for the passport.  Then we got our red books- the official adoption document, along with some extra visa pictures.   We headed back to the hotel, dropped off our things and then walked to Oggi's for dinner.  LOVE that place and will likely go back.  It was the first time all three of us liked the food and ate well.  Reid and Evan shared some garlic noodles and we all shared a thin crust pizza.   Reid was quite hungry and the staff enjoyed staring at us and commenting.   They thought the boys were cute and funny.  They were asking Reid things in Chinese, but he wasn't offering much besides his Chinese name.   I hate not knowing what someone is asking my child, but these girls were nice so I wasn't too worried.

We walked back to the hotel after dinner and the kids got their suits on and we had some pool time.  We talked to one of the families here from Louisiana with the agency, BAAS and then met a man and his son from Belgium who run a foster home for orphans in Guizhou province.  Trying to find out more about their kids so I can help advocate for them, but I couldn't get their blog up.  After the pool, we came back to the room to shower and Skype with dad and the kids.  Jayce was very emotional.  That was so hard for me.  He misses me a lot and I miss him just as much.   I just wanted to hug him.   Hoping the rest of the time goes quickly and that he will have a fun day today.  They get to see a lot of firework shows over the next three nights- not going to lie- I am jealous about that.  I love the 4th of July and that special family time!


All in all it was a good day- Reid showed a lot of progress today.  Less hitting.  He is getting so much better at bedtime- last night was about 30 minutes or so.  Tonight he went right to sleep after a story.   He is snuggling with me often- comes and sits on my lap, calls me mama all the time, holds my hand, etc.  It's very sweet.   I am so proud of how brave he is!  I couldn't imagine being in his shoes.  Funny for the day- Reid pushed #1 to go down to the lobby this morning in the elevator.  He then pushed 2, 3, and 4.  A couple got on after that- they had to stop with us on floors, 4, 3, 2, and 1...oops.  Could have been worse- Evan and I were joking that at least he didn't do what Elf did and light up the whole thing! LOL!

Tomorrow we go to visit the orphanage.  I am very excited about that.  I have MANY gifts ready- some for the director, assistant director, and even something for each teacher and nanny- Ms. Tyler told me they rarely get anything. I want them to feel special/important.  We have some donations as well- thank you Jaclyn for the formula and to our dentist- Dr. Johnson for the toothbrushes and toothpaste.   I also have a handful of gifts from families waiting to meet their child.   I hope to see all 8 of the kids on my list and get pictures and or video for their waiting families.   I am also hoping to meet some of the kids waiting for a family to help advocate for them, but I am not going to get my hopes up.  I am asking for a lot and we are there a short amount of time.  I want to see the place too and learn a little bit more about Reid and get some questions answered.  Its off to bed for me!


  1. Glad you are enjoying some of the food! Looks like an overall smooth day!

  2. Hi, are you visiting the Anyang orphanage by chance? If you are there is a little girl there with hydrocephalus there, little Rose, DOB 02/28/11. I believe she is in a crib and doesn’t walk. She was with BAAS but is now considered unadoptable – if you could pay her some attention, give her a hug for me I would appreciate it so much and if you could get a photo or video would be great but what she really needs is some lovin’. Thank you so much, Rosie.

    1. Hi Rosie- we will be visiting Bao'an SWI in Guangdong province. I will keep that swi in mind if I ever hear of another family adopting from there so someone can love on little Rosie.

  3. Glad things are going well... Your posts make me miss our time in China! I hope you can find that park - it is HUGE :) if you can pull up Google maps and see it near the Garden Hotel :)

  4. So happy to see you and the boys, together!!! What a blessing that Reid started showing progress! It looked natural to see the 2 boys playing around in the pool. Many blessings to your family! -sharee-