Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

In this post I am just going to document some things that I don't want to forget. :)

Foods Reid likes so far:  almost any kind of meat- bacon, sausages, ham, chicken- he really likes chicken legs and as we have learned, he also likes chicken feet.   He occasionally eats a banana.  He likes peanut butter sandwiches, french fries, pizza, noodles, rice, and he loves ketchup.

Drinks Reid likes so far: water, Gatorade/Propel

Some of the stinker things he has done so far besides tantrums, pouting, whining, etc: 
*Took a handful of toothpick packets from breakfast and put them in our toilet
*Pushed the red emergency button in our bathroom quite a few times
*Took the remote for the shower privacy glass and had it in his pocket and was playing with it in the van one day
*Gotten us in trouble many times in the hotel lobby for sitting on the floor, putting his hand on the escalator- black railing part, playing with the roped off areas, turning off a tv monitor by walking behind it- the list goes on; 
*Rang someone's doorbell to their room
*Pushed multiple buttons on the elevator-we weren't the only ones in the elevator that time
*Took a small toy top from one of the shops on the island- we noticed it later and had to have a talk about that with our guide (one of the many things he will need to learn)
*Lots of mimicking- kind of like a 2/3 year old would do to annoy people.  It drives Evan crazy!

Some of the sweet things he has done so far:
*He is very sweet to my friend, Sara, but of course that is partly because she is not the mom who have to keep him in line. ;)  
*He loves up on the little kids every now and then and likes to help push strollers.   At times, he can be very helpful.  
*When he smiles because he is happy, it lights up a room. 
*When he is nice to Evan and gives him a hug or tells him he loves him- copying.  
*A couple nights ago, when I read him a book at bedtime, he was copying the actions after I would do them like the mom in the book- hugs, kisses, etc.  That was my first and only kiss from him so far.   It was very sweet.   He also sometimes tells me I love you in English or Chinese after I say it in both languages- not sure he knows what it fully means yet to be loved, but he is starting to get a feel for what it means.  

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