Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday- Shopping Day

Today after breakfast we met our group in the hotel lobby at 9:30 a.m. to go shopping at One Link Plaza (one of our favorite places that we went to by taxi on our own last year) and to an Electronics Market.   We had a different guide today because ours were busy with paperwork and other families at different stages.   We only had about an hour in One Link Plaza...not nearly enough time.  It has at least 7 or 8 floors and each floor has shops that specialize in one type of product.  There are 100s of shops on each floor.  We had a list of certain things we were looking for that we found their last time.  We did not have very good luck- in part due to the lack of time and partly because the shops are always changing.   I felt like we were on the Amazing Race show.  We did get a few good things.  Reid did pretty well in there.  A couple ladies said- is he your baby? I said, well he is not a baby, but he is my son!   One pointed at the two boys and said-they look different.  They sure do! ;)   Maybe she didn't know about adoption. 
 Reid visiting his buddy, Mason, after eating breakfast.
 Heading to One Link Plaza!

 With our guide.

From there we went to an Electronics Market.  This was not nearly as interesting to me, but we did get a few things that were too good of a deal to pass up, including a memory card for the camera, a back-up charger/battery for the I-pad mini, and some dvd's.   Reid had a few fall to the ground moments in that place.  He is so big and heavy for me to lift him up off the floor.  I am also working with Evan on not touching him as much as possible- it just sets him off- he gets crazy, silly, and sometimes mean.   Evan definitely has the big brother role down...sometimes a little too much.

We then headed back to the hotel.  Evan built one of the lego sets we had bought and Reid was playing on the I-pad.  When they both try to play, problems arise.   I took it away and put it in the backpack.  Reid threw a major meltdown and I took him to the bed to lay him down.  He got very mad and yelled a lot.  He eventually calmed down and ultimately fell asleep.  I could tell he was tired.  In the meantime, Evan made his own fort for him and his Lego creation to watch some Chinese cartoons.   We are waiting for some laundry to be picked up and some paperwork to be dropped off.  Then maybe we'll grab some dinner and head to the pool to kill some time tonight before skyping and bed time.   Tomorrow we are off to the island.

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