Wednesday, January 1, 2014

6 Months Already and 6 1/2 Too!

Another blog I have neglected the last 6 months.  Where do I start?  It's been a busy 6 months, full of firsts for Reid.  It's been very neat to be a person on the sidelines watching a 6 year old child going to the zoo, dressing up in a costume for trick-or-treating, and looking at Christmas lights and a Christmas tree for the first time, just to name a few.  Reid really was a different child in China.  He is actually very mellow for the most part.  The most challenging thing has been learning the language/communication barrier and with that, going through toddler like behaviors and sayings.  His favorite words have been no, stop it, mine, where's mine, etc.   It's just a part of learning the language though and a natural progression.   Out of all of our adopted children, his transition has been the easiest.  We really don't have any big issues- praise God!   Today we met with our social worker for his 6 month post-placement report and it was fun to share with her how well Reid is doing.  Today is also Reid's half birthday- 6.5!  God orchestrated the perfect gotcha day in China- Reid's 6th birthday!    So this post will highlight the last 6 months and all the things Reid has been up to.

 Shortly after Reid came home we realized we needed a vehicle that could fit the whole family...a little quicker than we thought!   We call it the 'Big Red Van.'

 We went to Vehicle Day held in our church parking lot.  We saw and got to climb on and into many cool vehicles and even saw the Flight for Life helicopter land quite close.

 First visit to the farm to meet grandma and grandpa Henningfeld and to see and help feed the animals.

 On the way home from the farm we stopped at a hot air balloon festival to watch the balloons be lit.
 Reid swimming at a friend's house.
 We watched many t-ball and baseball games.  Next year, Reid can be on one of the teams too!
 First visit to the dentist- he was not a fan as you can see!  Only one cavity though...I'll take it!
 Projects in the Park- he loves crafts, coloring, creating, etc.
 We took a school bus to a goat farm run by one of Rick's former students- Agriscience camp week.
 Bowling for Elijah and Jonah's birthday.  
We found out our baby was a boy and the kids would have another brother!

 Swimming, squirt guns, and a slip and slide at nana's house.
 Transfusion day!
 The Lambert kids hung out with us while their mom and dad got fingerprinted for their adoption. 
 Knights with Uncle Jeremiah.

 Re-united with a close friend from the orphanage.
 Our two families together at the park!
 First movie- Planes..with mom, nana, brothers, and cousins, Noah and Katelyn.

 Back to School Night- Reid got to see his classroom, meet his teacher, and put his supplies away.

 Another transfusion!
The Walworth County Fair- Reid loved going on the rides.

 First day of Kindergarten!
 Three brothers going to Kindergarten together- all three in separate classes.
 All of the boys ready for their first day!
 Celebrating the Ethiopian New Year with traditional Ethiopian food.
 Celebrating nana's birthday!
 Reid's re-adoption in the US courts.  
 Reid after he had his annual MRI.
 Reid at Pearce's Farm stand- he loved climbing on the hay bales.
 First school field trip to Royal Oaks Apple Orchard.

Transfusion day!

DCS Fall Family Fun Night- we had the messiest family after cookie decorating and pumpkin painting.

 Adventure farm and pumpkin patch.  We had so much fun- so much to do there!  What a drastic change in weather though...burrr...fall was here!
 Reid feeding the goats.
 Reid with nana.

 Family picture!

 Nana with the kids by the Packer hay bale.
After raking all the leaves and putting them into the pumpkin bags.

A day at the zoo after Reid's lab appointment.

 All the pumpkins we carved at nana and grandpa JP's house.
Trick-or-treating- Round One!                        The kids ready for trick-or-treating- Round two!

 Reid ready for his school costume parade!

Celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month and Orphan Sunday

 Reid meeting his baby brother, Rowan, for the first time!
 All the kids with their new baby brother!

 The first morning home with the baby before leaving for school.
 Reid's first Thanksgiving!
 Baby Time
Reid with a school project.
Brothers and Sisters

Checking out the lights on the house.  Reid and Lena were both so excited about them and about the Christmas tree too.

 Opening his stocking to see what treasures he got from St. Nick, a family tradition passed on from Rick's family.
 Celebrating Lena's 4th Birthday!
 Celebrating Jayce's 3rd Birthday!  Pizza with Santa event at Rick's school.
 Meeting Santa

 Playing outside after a big snow!  Reid has gone sledding a couple of times and loves it!

 Christmas Eve at the Henningfeld's- all the cousins with grandma and grandpa Henningfeld.  There are 18 and 8 of them are our children.
 Cousin present exchange.  Reid had Emma and Travis had Reid.

 Reid with his cool new personalized tv tray and all his fun project supplies.
 The dinner table- kids eat first and take up three tables.  Adults have to sit wherever there is a spot or wait until the kids are finished.
 Presents from Grandma and Grandpa.
 Christmas morning
 Presents from Santa
 Presents from mom and dad.
 Putting together Legos.
 Christmas at Nana and Grandpa JP's.  Old school Christmas cartoon time!
 Our family Christmas card this year.
 New Year's Eve- time to celebrate with a Specher soda and some snacks!
Cheers to another awesome six months and to a happy and healthy 2014!