Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday- Reid is a Henningfeld!

I am a day behind, but yesterday we finalized our adoption. Bao Sha Hao is officially Reid Sterling Shahao Henningfeld!   We started our day off with breakfast after Mr. sleepy  head finally got moving-we had to wake him up.   Then we met our guide and the other families in the lobby at 9:30 a.m. to head back to the Civil Affairs office where we met Reid.  I was worried he'd think we were taking him back, but he was fine.   We met with an official, which was very short.  We then met with the notary, which was a man.  Richard, our guide, had told us that this guy was a little 'strange.'   He was right.  He was an odd duck, but funny.   They both asked us how Reid was doing and if we were happy with him.  They wanted us to promise we would love him the same as our other children and never hurt or abandon him.  We also had a picture taken for the important paperwork- just Reid and myself.   Last year they took at least a few shots.  This time I think he took just one.  I am pretty sure Reid was not smiling- he was supposed to go sit on top of of baby seat they had put up so he'd  be at camera level.  He wanted nothing to do with that.  When I tried to pick him up and sit him on it, he went all stiff and straight on me.  I asked if I could just hold him up- they said that was fine, so that is what I did.  I may not have the best posture in that picture...he's a big kid!   

After all the families were done, we headed to the Trust Mart (Chinese version of Wal-Mart) to get some groceries.  We got some noodle bowels, bread and peanut butter, water, Gatorade and Propel (it's pretty cheap at the 7-11 where we've been getting it every day, but it was cheaper at the Trust Mart).  The kids picked out some snacks- peanuts and one candy each.  Reid wanted quite a few things in the store- I am sure this was his first visit to a store like this and his first time being able to pick some things out.  He tried to put many things into the cart, including a big glass bottle of beer....I will not be needing that.   He did point at a few things that he wanted that were unrecognizable to me.  We ended up getting a bag of chicken feet for Reid- they are pre-packaged in small packages.   I hope he enjoys them, because those are not things we will find or have access to at home.   He was pretty excited about them.  I will not be able to watch him eat them or I might get sick...lol.  We carried our heavy bags to the van- it was raining on and off all day due to the typhoon in the area.    We then headed back to the hotel to put our bags away and then back to the lobby to meet Richard for lunch.  We went to a local Chinese restaurant and sat in the back room.   Many dishes were ordered.  Reid tried a few things.  Evan and I being the picky eaters we are stuck to the simple things.  Evan ate very little- some plain rice.  I had some chicken fried rice.   Reid was a little bit of a stinker on the walk back- pulled a phone off a hook that I had to back up to fix, got too far ahead of me (luckily Richard and the guys were up ahead), laid on the floor of the hotel a couple times, etc.   He definitely has a naughty streak in him.  I have already decided there will be no train back to Hong Kong for us.  We will take a van no matter how much we have to pay.  I am a bit worried about the airport part already, but thankfully we just have to get through Hong Kong and then have a direct flight.  Hoping by then he'll listen a little better.  He has some major selective hearing!  I thought maybe he had a hearing loss at first, but it didn't take me long to realize he listens when he wants to.  
 Trust Mart- China's version of Wal-Mart.

 Having fun with mom's sunglasses in the restaurant!
 Hanging out in the hotel room.

Once we got back to the hotel, we headed to our room to play for a bit.  That got old fast.   The rain finally moved out and it was a bit cooler out, so I put the boys in their suits and we headed down to the pool.  They swam in the little kid pool and in the shallow end of the big pool for awhile with two boys from another family that we had met this past weekend.   They had a good time!  Reid was not quite as confident in the pool as he was in the bathtub, but he still enjoyed himself.  

We headed back to the room for some snacks and skyping and then a quick shower and bedtime.   Reid and Evan have been getting on each other's nerves a bit here and there- already acting like brothers.  They don't want to share the i-pad mini and Reid has a tendency to just pull things away pretty forcefully when he wants something....no matter what it is.  He is not too keen on sharing.  I am sure that is orphanage related. He is a little too aggressive at times- again, something we'll really have to work on once home.  Evan has been a little too bossy, which he can be at home with his other brothers too.  He tells him to stop it more often and louder than he needs to.    I did feel bad for him though last night- he was telling Reid to stop playing with the light switches and Reid took a mini flashlight and just pounded him on the shoulder.  Evan is very sensitive so of course he was bawling.  I think Reid felt bad, but he didn't cry or try to apologize or hug him...he has a bit of stubborness in there too.   I had him sit on the bed for a couple minutes- tried to explain with words and actions/signs that he hurt Evan and that was not nice- that we don't hurt people.   He looked like he was going to cry and still was not too apologetic.  Evan usually doesn't want someone to hug him anyways after they hurt him.   I then tucked them into bed.  He was a little more sad, but I am sure this had to do with what just happened.   I gave them some snuggles and kisses and shut the lights off.   He came out maybe 3 times this time- better than the night before.  He was asleep maybe within 30 minutes this time.  He had to be tired.  He is used to a nap and he didn't get one today.    About an hour or less into his sleep he was half awake, crying out. Not sure if it was a bad dream or sadness.  But he cried out for MAMA.  That made me feel good. I got him back to sleep pretty quickly.   He moves around a lot in his sleep.  I wish my camera battery wasn't dead.  He is still sleeping this morning.  I'd love to show you how he sleeps on a king sized bed....long ways across near the pillow area- Evan and I were on the sides and both had very little room.  I got hit and kicked quite a few times.

Today we have some time after we go to breakfast and then we will meet at 1:30 p.m. for the medical exam and to apply for the passports.   Reid will have to have a full check-up and a TB test- blood test this time.  I am sure this will be nothing for him- he is quite used to medical appointments and needles. 


  1. Love reading your posts! The van is totally worth it! The first time we took the train and decided if we had a choice we would not do it again. The last two times the van was so easy! I wouldn't go to Hong Kong any other way. I have one word for the flight to Chicago- Benedryl. We didn't bring any so I got some from another adoptive parent. Thank Goodness! We would not have made the long flight without it. We were out for the SFO flight to RDU so that flight was a nightmare.

  2. Are you in Guangdong? If so I wonder if you had the same person we had. Our guy could not understand why on earth we would ever adopt so many children.
    I ended up pulling out my camera and showing him pics from Christmas with the whole family. Then all the children gathered around him and were practically on his lap- I think he finally got it...
    yes, he was an odd duck!

  3. Loving the pics! He will get it soon and want your time and attention! Just get through your time in China- soon you will be home! BTW how long is your trip?
    God Bless you! He is going to fit in perfectly with your crew!

  4. Yes, give both boys lots of chicken feet. That makes them run fast. : - )