Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our first full day home!

Friday, July 12th- our first full day home.   We sure are enjoying the beautiful weather here, minus the mosquitoes.   We've spent a lot of time outside playing.   You would think that would be enough to make these kids sleep through the night...nope.  Our first two nights have been pretty rough. Evan has been so jet-lagged and can't sleep at all through the night.  Hoping tonight he can.  Reid has woken up crying the past two nights, which wakes up almost everyone else.  Even Jayce hasn't been sleeping well, although I shouldn't be surprised there- he hardly ever has.  It is taking a toll on me though.  Really hoping tonight is a full night of sleep without any melatonin.

Back to our first full day- I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Reid is doing quite well.  We are having to be stern at times, but overall he is doing great.  He is enjoying all of his siblings and they are enjoying him too.  He shouts out some Chinese phrases at us that I often wish I knew.  I can't help but to wonder, especially when he is mad....hopefully he is not swearing at us- probably best not to know.

These are the words/phrases in English I hear him use most often: potty, shower, Evan, Jonah, Elijah, mama, water/drink, hot, eat, and thank you.   He is even using some of the signs I had taught him, which is cool, though I am not sure he fully understands that his sister cannot hear him yet and that he needs to use the signs with her.

I am really overall so proud of how brave he is and how well he is doing.  Nighttime seems to be the time that is most difficult for him- pray for his precious heart and for all that he has left behind.

I promise we have boy sunglasses here somewhere- these are just the ones he finds and was wearing the first couple of days. :)
 Lena wasn't over there, but this is what I saw when I was coming down the hill from the bathroom- too cute!

So glad we got some family pictures with the kids in their big brother/little brother/sister t-shirts.


I love these flowers. :)

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  1. When we adopted Bret at age 4 1/2 y.o. morning was hard on her. She would get scared and cry everytime we dropped her new (to her) big sister, Lael off at school. Bret finally realized Lael came back home every afternoon. Bless their hearts. They must be so scared at first since they don't know English.