Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pearl River Cruise

After resting up from the Safari Park adventure and getting a quick dinner, we met our guide in the lobby at 5:30 p.m. to head to the cruise on the Pearl River.  We were the only family who chose to go. I am so glad we did!  We had told Richard we didn't want to do a dinner cruise, but still wanted to do a cruise of the Pearl River.  He chose the best boat.  It was beautiful and we had a great time.  Guangzhou at night is breathtaking- pictures do not do it justice.   It was very relaxing and enjoyable to listen to the Chinese music being performed by people on the deck below (we had seats on the very top deck) and to watch all the buildings light up and to see all the colors in the night sky.   Evan was a celebrity on that boat.  Many people asked if they could have their child's picture taken with him and a group of 20 something year old girls took turns getting their picture with him too.  One of them held him up.  Many of them kissed his cheek, rubbed his hair, or gave him a hug.  He handled it very well.   A blonde hair, blue eyed boy gets very noticed here!  
I am so thankful for this day- it was so much better than yesterday and it was a lot of fun- lots of memories were made!  When we got back to the hotel, we got ready for bed and skyped the family.  While I was getting ready, the boys both crashed hard!


  1. So glad you had a good day! The cruise looks like it was breathtaking!

  2. looks like a great time! I wish we had done it.... next time :)

  3. CONGRATS!! ok, so I wrote a really great supportive loving comment in the shamian island blog-post, but it got lost in cyber-ville somehow. I came back to repost and read this one about the Pearl River, so it sounds like things are going better. Yay for brothers crashing for some good sleep and a GREAT and well deserved break for mama. You are doing a terrific job, and it is A-OK to have emotions. The boys both look great in all the pics, and I am happy that you enjoyed your cruise. It was my fave thing we did when we went to get Phoebe. xo Prayers for smooth sailing all the way home. (ps, I like Jen's comment above "next time"; I hope we have a next tome too. Praying on that front!!)