Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuesday Night and Wednesday- Last Dinner and Van Ride to Hong Kong...Farewell China!

Last night the kids picked to go to Subway for dinner.  That would not have been my top choice for my last dinner in China.  They enjoyed their sandwich and had fun though.  I took a picture of the menu there because it makes little sense.  Subs that require one meat or the cheapest meat were in the middle to expensive range, yet others that would normally be more expensive were on the cheaper menu.  We hugged the Sanders family goodbye in the elevator because they were going to be leaving very early in the morning for a flight out later that morning.  

 Reid's last meal with his buddy, Mason....for now!
 It is hard to see, but I tried to get some pictures of my son with his drawn on beauty marks.

We skyped our family and then I tested out some melatonin on Reid to see if it would work so I could have that as an option for our long flight.  He was pretty busy for 30-45 minutes, but once we laid down and turned off the lights- he was OUT in 30 seconds or less.  It worked!  He slept well and only woke up once in the morning to go to the bathroom and then went back to sleep for awhile.  We woke up and skyped our family again and then went to breakfast- our last one at the Garden.  We said goodbye to a few more families and headed to our room to finish packing.  I got everything ready to go and we hung out until about 11 a.m.  We then went out and got some lunch- had to be a quick one.   We brought it back to the room and ate and then took all our bags down to check-out.  The family we were riding with wanted us to be in the lobby at around 11:45.   We waited til after noon for them to show up and then said our goodbyes to Richard, our guide, and loaded the van for Hong Kong.  We left at about 12:15 p.m. and arrived at our hotel around 3:30 p.m.   First we said goodbye to Mark, Rebecca, and Sydney- they are staying at another hotel.  I think they were ready to say goodbye to us- I am quite sure they were annoyed by my boys on this trip.   We had some issues with checking in and getting the internet because we are using my dad's rewards points.  They wanted me to have him email them in order to check in.  I told them he was sleeping- it was the middle of the night back at home and that we had done this last year and also on the way over this time- at another Marriott here in Hong Kong.  I guess sometimes you just have to put up a fuss about stuff to get it done.   It was kind of irritating.   We will just hang out here, eat some of our snacks and leftovers for dinner, get a good night's rest, and head to the airport in the morning for our 11:40 a.m. flight.  Praying for check-in and the flight to go smoothly.  We would appreciate your prayers as well.

 Goodbye Garden hotel and China!

 Van ride to Hong Kong.

 Signs for Bao'an- Reid's home for the last six years.  Last year tears came down my face passing these signs- I was wishing I could get off, pick him up, and take him home with Lena.  This year we are passing those signs and he is coming home.  He has a forever family now and is no longer an orphan.  God is good!

 China customs and immigration.  It was so much quicker and easier this year than last year.  We had our passports checked, vehicle opened to ID us and check the van, and those lasers pointed at our foreheads to check for a fever.

Our first views of Hong Kong from the van.

 Lantau island is where the airport is, as well as our hotel and Hong Kong Disney.
 Finally in our room in Hong Kong.
We don't have the view of the airport like we did last year when we stayed here, but we do have these beautiful views and can still see planes coming in and taking off.

 This will be us tomorrow...except we will be taking off for HOME!  We are very ready to see the rest of our family and finally be home, sleeping in our own beds.  Thank you for following our journey and for praying for us.  Our next post will likely be from home! :)

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  1. I know you are glad to be in Hong Kong. We have stayed at that Marriott twice. Unfortunately we have always arrived at night and never gotten to see Hong Kong during the day. Praying tomorrow's flight goes better than anticipated. Only one night and flight are almost there. Praying for safe travels!