Friday, June 21, 2013

Never Lose Hope- TA- Day 21

I really have believed that God had quite the story for this little guy.  Most of the time, I believed this would happen and July 1st would be our day.   I have to admit, there were a few times along this journey where I lost hope and didn't trust.  This afternoon was one of those times.  I did my share of sad crying today thinking the travel approval (TA) wasn't coming and that we would not beat the closure.  Once my agency closed, I just figured we were in for a July 15th gotcha day and that we would miss Reid's 6th birthday and that I would miss Elijah and Jonah's 5th birthday because I'd be in China (two years in a row to miss their birthday).  
I learned a good lesson tonight and it is a lesson I will likely need to re-learn again at some point because of our human nature. That lesson is to TRUST.  Trust in Him.  He has a plan and He will see it through.  God's plans are always best! 
Tonight I got an email saying that it was the latest DHL delivery our agency has ever seen and that our TA is here!  They submitted our consulate appointment date requests- you have to list your top 5 choices. Now I am praying that we can squeak in a consulate appointment for the week of the 8th so we can have a July 1st gotcha day/birthday party with mom and big brother.  We will know Monday morning about our consulate appointment and may be booking quite the last minute airline tickets.
The picture below was taken last summer when we were in China adopting Lena- we sent him an anonymous cake for his 5th birthday because we felt bad that he seemed so depressed with so many of his buddies finding families and leaving around this time. This year, I pray I will be able to give him a great big hug on his 6th birthday, July 1st.  God didn't bring us this far for it not to work out. Hopefully there will be happy tears for me on July 1st!      
Thank you to Diana and Lydia for staying late on a Friday night and for getting everything out tonight for us and thank you God for moving the first half of the mountain.  Praying and trusting in your name.

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  1. Happy for you and will pray you are there for July 1st birthday/ Gotcha Day!