Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting Closer

One of the few perks of the new system is that agencies can now tell when important documents are issued/approved.  Our agency's system kicked into gear today and they were able to see that our TA (as well as two of my other friends' TAs' who are also with our agency) was approved.  Not sure what day it was approved, but it was approved!  WOO HOO!  Now...the hard part is not knowing when it will show up. It may be tomorrow or Friday.  Monday would be worst case scenario, but we are really hoping for tomorrow so we can book a consulate appointment and then get airline tickets booked.  They cannot book a consulate appointment without the actual document in hand and those appointments are filling up fast!    Please pray that it comes tomorrow and that we get a consulate appointment for the week of July 8th-11th.  If we can't, we have to wait until after the closure.  Also pray that we will find airline tickets that are not too insane.  The longer it takes, the higher they will go and let me tell you that they are already HIGH- like $2,400ish a piece high.  Not sure I can stomach another $400  to $500 jump on the price of each ticket.   And I thought $1,900 a ticket last year was high...sheesh.

And because we are so close to traveling, we got a final update on our little man!  The update was in Chinese.  It didn't translate too well...but it basically said:
His language, physical and intellectual development are normal. He can clear language to express all kinds of things. He walks freely and his physical development is good. When they photographed him, he was still helping teachers organize educational toys.  The classroom teacher likes him very much.
Updated measurements:
Height: 114.0cm
Weight: 19.0KG
Foot length: 16.5cm
Bust: 59.0cm
Head circumference: 50.0cm 
Teeth: 20

 Looks like he can ride a bike with training wheels...don't worry, we have plenty of boys bikes and toys around here.

 Such a handsome boy!

 An orphanage is a far cry from a family, but have I mentioned that one thing that I love about this orphanage is that they let the kids be kids and do some normal fun kid things?!?   That is so important.  This looks quite fun.  Evan even said, "!"

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  1. As I read your post last night I wanted to cry with you. I just knew you would get him before his birthday. Who knew the new system was going to cause so much havoc and heartaches. So glad to see better news today. Praying your TA comes this week and you can get him on his birthday. Can't wait to see him with his family!