Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Well...we contacted the NVC last week to get our GUZ #.  We attached our medical expedite letters to the email.  We got the GUZ# and the PDF both on Friday, about and hour apart.   Our agency sent it over the weekend to their in-China rep.  He dropped our article 5 off to the US consulate last night while we slept- Tuesday a.m. in China.   He submitted our medical expedite letters.  We will either wait the standard 2 weeks plus an extra day due to Memorial Day closing or we will have it expedited and our agency's in-country rep will be able to pick it up in 24-48 hours.  We will see.  The other issue is that China is closing down their computer system to re-vamp it this Friday through June 1st.  I know this is affecting dossiers being logged in, but I am hearing mixed reviews on if it will affect Travel Approval (TA) waits- that is our last step once the article 5 gets picked up.   Once we get TA, we set a consulate appointment and backwards plan from there.  We can book our tickets at that time.  It is always last minute.  And depending on when we can go will depend on who goes.  It will either be Rick, me, and Evan or just me and Evan.   We have a lot of things going on in late June/early July.  Rick is out of town a lot, we have a 95th birthday and family reunion for Rick's grandma, we celebrate our 7th anniversary and Reid's 6th birthday July 1st (hope to be able to at least have him by then...we could even get him that day), and the twins' birthday is July 15th, along with Lena's 1 year gotcha day.  We were in China for their birthday last year.  I would hate to miss their birthday two years in a row.  We will see what happens- only God knows!

And to make the day even better, we got our first agency update!   Here are the updated pictures and info we got.  He looks SO big- so tall!   I'll have to compare his measurements to my other boys. 

 He loves playing outside and that slide!  He will fit in here well! :)
 This one is my favorite above!
What is his favorite color(s)?  Blue
What does he like to do for fun?  Toy cars, airplane, guns
Who is he closest to?  His teachers and caretakers.
Does he have a best friend?  Bao Fuyu and Bao Xinji.
How does he do in school?  Good.  He likes helping others and is well behaved.  He is obedient and easygoing.  He likes learning Chinese character, math and music.
Does he sleep soundly at night?  Yes
Does he still take a nap during the day? Yes
How would you describe his personality?  He is happy and extrovert.
*FAVORITE ONE:  How did  he react to knowing he has a family?  He is excited and happy about it.  He wants to see parents ASAP.
Has he had any concerns or fears about joining a family that we should know about to help him adjust? No.  He is a social child and gets along well with other children easily.
What are some of his favorite foods?  Sweet food like lollipop, chicken leg as well.
Any foods he really dislikes?  No
What does he like to drink? Drinks.  *This one didn't help us much...lol.

Updated measurements:
Weight: 18.90kf  Height: 109.0 cm  Head 49.0cm
Chest: 59.5 cm   Foot 17.0 cm    Teeth: 20



  1. Awe...Mason is one of his best friends :)

  2. Oh how I would LOVE for you guys to make it in time for his birthday!! Hoping they expedite!!! :) I love that he is so excited to finally have a family like so many of his friends and how cute that Mason is one of his besties!! :)

    1. Thanks, Fannie! I hope we can get him by his birthday too and I was so happy to hear how excited he is to have a family and that Mason is one of his best friends. Now to find a family for his best friend who is listed as Lewis with Madison!