Friday, March 22, 2013

More Pictures while we Wait

My friend Beth met her son recently, who happens to be from the same orphanage as our son.   She went to the orphanage visit and was able to meet our son, as well as three boys still waiting for a family to choose them.   She said: "It was very hectic there that day.  He smiled, but not for the camera. When he tipped the pig over, he laughed! The staff were all talking at once to him, so I think his look is more of confusion and being a bit overwhelmed. He liked the bracelet Bobby gave him. I noticed the buzz cut, but it looked like a lot of the boys had fresh haircuts." 

It is so nice to get little glimpses of his personality and his sweet face while waiting to go get him.  Pictures are definitely bittersweet.

Here are the pictures she got of him:

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