Saturday, February 16, 2013

We Have a Name

Who knew it would be this difficult to pick a name for our waiting son?   Well, when you have 5 boys already and a child who has a Chinese name and an English name for the Sunshine School he attends, it is a major challenge. Add to that meanings of names, your favorite list (that has gotten quite small for boys names I might add), and the fact that you currently have 2 'J' names, 2 'E' names, and 2 'L' names....that's a lot to think about.   I am still tossing over it as I write this, but we had to make a decision.   He could have pulled off any of the top three  names we narrowed it down to, but, we have decided to go with the name:
Reid Sterling ShaHao Henningfeld

Reid means red, which signifies luck in China
Sterling means bright and shining star or little star- love how that goes along with the blog theme too!
ShaHao is part of his Chinese name and Hao means good.

This was what we chose to do for Lena as well- give her a first and middle name and then use part of the Chinese name as a 2nd middle name.  Now what about 'Jack?'  Well we have been affectionately referring to him as 'Jack' in this house for a long time.  It will be hard to change that at first, I'm sure.  But, Jack Reid or Reid Jack just didn't jive and though Sterling Jack was one of our top three options, I let Rick have the final say on this one.  We have decided 'Jack' can be a nickname and if he wants to be referred to as 'Jack', we'll be fine with that too. :)

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  1. Love his name! Would you believe that on this, our 5th adoption, the exact same thing happened with our fingerprint notices. I got mine. Hubby did not. I called and was told the same thing as you. Something has changed at USCIS and it is not for the better : )